Our Story

NaturalFQ was launched in 2019 with the vision of making cellular networks affordable and flexible for all types of businesses. Today, we are operating and developing several on-site networks and continue expanding our solutions. Here’s how we got here.

For Agriculture, Automotive, Energy organizations, wireless has become the “fourth utility” - a resource that is as essential as power, water, and web connection. In large areas with hundreds or even thousands of connected devices and applications, wireless connectivity becomes a challenge. Wi-Fi is private but not secure enough and has scaling limitations. Public 4G/5G does not provide enough steering and control, for, example, over bandwidth and operational costs might be significant.

Small-scale businesses can benefit from other ways of using private mobile networks, such as wireless testbeds for radio-emitting technologies. Their expertise and organizational practices provide completely different requirements, willing to use solution-as-a-services.

In NaturalFQ we are strong believers that cellular connectivity is not a privilege of big corps or carriers must be easy to install and manage and bear your independence from the existing careers - disregarding the business size or application. Our PMN solutions will provide better quality for wireless networks than Wi-Fi, and unlimited data at the same time.

"Our mission is to bring businesses easy-to-use private mobile networks which makes them independent from the existing carriers and WiFi limitations."