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Private Mobile Network

We're making your business independent from existing carriers and Wi-Fi limitations.

Why You Need It?

Our private mobile network is based on the same technology used by regular mobile carriers, the only difference is operating frequencies.


Better coverage with less equipment needed.


Predictable and stable even in tough conditions. Latency included!


Less equipment to cover larger spaces and connect many more devices.


Government-grade security embedded into technology itself.


Anyone who ever called from a car can speak to that.


Compare TCO with other solutions.

Hint: it’s cheaper than WiFi 6!


Testbed Platforms

Small-scale suitable for labs testbeds, with limited coverage. We are offering a small set based on SDR (software-defined radio) in order to allow us to use maximum flexibility over the radio spectrum.


Drone Telemetry

Connect your drones beyond the line of sight limits, even in the remote areas with no mobile service coverage. Securely stream HD video and telemetry data, with a guaranteed latency and quality of service. Unlock additional use-cases for surveillance, agriculture and monitoring.


Agro Robotics

Limitless potential for connecting robots in the fields. High-volume data transmission, ultra-precise positioning, extreme low latency and edge computing available wherever you need it, and not where your IT services suppliers are.


Warehouse Automation

A flexible offer for a better coverage requirement for industrial use. We are offering certified radio parts from our partners to allow our Clients to have maximum stability over the radio spectrum.

What's inside the box?

Your Focus: Testing

Ability to emulate almost any network (LTE band) from radio side.

Easy to trace all the parts of protocol chain

Embedded spectrometer for RF testing

Extended device QA, QC process with connectivity testing incl. CI/CD integration

Your Focus: Coverage
Can be combined with any industrial radio vendors.

Can use CBRS-band

No data billing from public providers
Perfect backhaul for sensors and hub

Is it affordable?

Your Focus: Testing

Less than 2 lbs pack easily fits your table or an anechoic chamber.

Ability to set custom radio emission and radio sensitivity levels to emulate various scenarios.

Set of pre-provisioned SIM cards.

Ongoing support and consulting on any type of the use-cases.

Your Focus: Coverage
ePC: On-premise for highest resiliency or on public cloud for scalability and cost-efficiency.

eNb: indoor/outdoor CBRS solutions to fit your needs and spectrum specifics.

Set of pre-provisioned SIM cards including network planning and integration into your IT infrastracture.
Ongoing support and consulting on any type of the use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private mobile network?

Private Mobile Network (PMN) is a dedicated wireless network that is owned by your business entity. It uses the same technology as public mobile carriers, such as LTE/5G, but fully owned by your company only.

What is the difference between PMN and Wi-Fi?

Private Mobile Network (PMN) is a dedicated wireless network that is owned by your business entity. It uses the same technology as public mobile carriers, such as LTE/5G, but fully owned by your company only. For your convenience we build a table for quick and easy comparisons between features and characteristics of PMN and Wi-FI.

Do I have to sign a contract with a mobile career

No. The network will belong to you and will be only yours. Now data rates, no data caps, no surprise bills. Send as much data as you want - you are now your own mobile carrier.

Do I need to buy and install big antennas and all the equipment mobile operators usually have?

Not at all! Depending on the use case, if you want to provide indoor connectivity (manufacturing facility, warehouse, etc.) you can use a base station that is similar to the Wi-Fi router and has built-in antennas. If you have to provide outdoor coverage - that will depend on the area you want to cover, and elevated antennas on masts will be required if you have to provide miles of coverage.

Do you support private 5G or is it LTE only?

Our system is fully capable of running both standards: LTE (which is 4G), and 5G. Due to the limited availability of 5G base stations, the majority of customers prefer to use LTE as of now, but we already fully support future upgrades to 5G, allowing you to protect your investment into the system. Once the 5G radios will be fully available on the market, the upgrade can be done by simply replacing the base station.

How does the deployment look like? Do I have to hire engineers skilled in mobile networking to support my network?

Our product was built on the idea that PMN solutions should be as easy to install and manage, as an ordinary Wi-Fi network. No special skills needed in order to operate it, and we will support you with implementation and operation.

Do I have to pay for data consumed and what are the prices for data?

It's free! It's now your own network, so you have no limits, data caps, pricing tiers, etc.

Do I have to get my own spectrum license?

Our solution works in the CBRS band - part of the spectrum which was recently opened in the U.S. for free use by the public. Novato Networks also has spectrum licenses to operate in some countries where CBRS is not available to the general public

Our Use Cases

Learn more about how we empower businesses with real world provisions.

Ajax Systems

The IoT and smart home vendor is using a small-scale private LTE for testing their product in any public mobile network in the world, without leaving the lab.


The robotics company building warehousing and agricultural robotics requires reliable and scalable connectivity to ensure the precise positioning, advanced performance and reliability of their solution in a complicated radio environment.

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